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401(k) Participant

Client Centered

You work for your money and at Rocket Retirement we believe your assets should be working for you. We'll manage your 401(k) offering choices and options. You'll enjoy the personal care, attention and advice that previously only high wealth individuals experienced.

Rocket Retirement clients are successful individuals who can go anywhere for financial advice, yet choose us for our wealth management services. We're proud of that and make every effort to bring this "boutique" approach to your 401(k). The team at Rocket Retirement offers not only to manage your 401(k) plan, but will also provide you with programs to guide the accumulation and management of wealth. Our plan offers individualized consultation as well as personalized support and a wealth of experience - the solid foundation you need to help build your financial future.

Plan Participant Support Includes:

  • Providing custom enrollment brochures and a personally conducted enrollment meeting, allowing for participants to be directly educated and enrolled in the plan in the easiest possible manner.
  • Periodic retirement plan education targeted to meet your needs, keeping you educated and allowing you to make informed decision regarding your retirement plans.

In the event that you should leave the plan we will help facilitate the distribution process, making it as easy and seamless as possible for both the sponsor and the participant.



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