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401(k) Sponsor

Client Centered

A CEO once stated, "...our greatest assets leave every night."

Your greatest assets, your employees, can benefit from the professional, personalized services that Rocket Retirement provides. In today's challenging marketplace where cutbacks are the norm and giving more to get less is all too familiar, what about giving a little to get more? Show how much you value your employees by taking the first step to help them work towards their goals for long term wealth planning. Give them the opportunity to obtain the guidance they need now with our knowledge, experience, thoughtful advice and caring service.
Start your employees on the right track to manage their finances, ease their worries and concerns, and lead by example. You have more pressing matters and strategic dealings to worry about than every minute detail of your plan's administration. Let our team monitor the investments and provide the design assistance and support you need to provide your employees with real tools to help them keep what they earn.

Plan Sponsor Support Includes:

  • Evaluations of the costs of multiple provider proposals, to help ensure you receive the highest quality service without incurring an unreasonable cost.
  • Illustrating how to design a diversified menu of investment options, which seeks growth.
  • Quarterly reviews of your investments, giving you the opportunity to make changes in an effort to help improve upon your plan's performance.
  • Assistance to both you and your legal counsel, providing you with a full understanding of what it means to be a plan fiduciary and helping ensure that all parties receive the highest standard of services.



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